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Frequently Asked Questions*


Who are you?

I'm Jason.  This is my wife, Heather.  We are Mt. Lebanon residents.  We both enjoy eating.  We both do lots of other things that don't involve this website.


Why do you have this website?

Heather and I enjoy food.  We enjoy going out to eat.  We enjoy talking with other people who enjoy food.  We have friends that enjoy the same things.

It is always fun to learn about a new restaurant.  It is also fun to tell a friend about a restaurant that she might enjoy.  This website is just a hobby that expands upon that.


Why should I listen to you?

Neither one of us has ever run a restaurant.  Neither one of us has a degree in hospitality.  We are having fun with this website.  Listen to us if you feel like it.  If you don't, we won't be offended.


Why focus on Mt. Lebanon instead of the whole South Hills? the Pittsburgh Region? the Western Hemisphere? the Milky Way Galaxy?

1.  We live here.  We like it here.  We've got some great restaurants here. 

2.  Before driving by Iovino's, Luma's or Little Tokyo to go out to dinner in Shadyside or the South Side, we'd like people to consider their local options.

3.  We don't have the time, energy or pocketbook to visit enough of the restaurants in the larger area.


Have you eaten at all of the restaurants on

Pretty much.


Which ones haven't you visited?  Why not?

There are a couple we either haven't gotten around to yet, or we weren't interested in.


You didn't answer my question.  Which restaurants haven't you eaten at?

We're sorry, we must have missed that question.


Why do you list some restaurants that aren't in Mt. Lebanon?

There are some restaurants that are so close to Mt. Lebanon that they are widely thought to be in the township.  There are some places that are closely tied to the township.  There are some good restaurants that are very close by.  When talking about the choices we have, it doesn't make sense to us to include the restaurants on only one side of Cochran Road or Mt. Lebanon Blvd. for example.  Besides, the borders in some places are so confusing, even the municipality can't keep track.  The Township lists Amel's as a Mt. Lebanon business even though it is in Baldwin.  I believe that it is an official acknowledgement that nobody understands why parts of McNeilly are in Mt. Lebanon.


Why isn't __________ restaurant on

Is it in Mt. Lebanon?  We probably forgot about it.  E-mail us and we'll put it up.

Is it outside Mt. Lebanon?  If it is very close by, send us an e-mail and explain why you think it should be listed.  We'll probably listen.


You got something wrong about __________ restaurant?

What is it?  E-mail us.  We check our e-mail regularly.  If your e-mail doesn't begin with "HOW DARE YOU…." or "YOU STUPID…….", we'll probably listen and we will definitely e-mail you back about it.


What is the Founders' Poll?

We asked our friends to vote on their favorite restaurants.  We took those votes, added our votes, and came up with the Founders' Poll. 


What is the Readers Poll?

It is a poll of the readers of this website.  You can vote by clicking here.  The poll is totally, entirely and completely unscientific.  We will reject votes that look or smell fishy.  We will reject votes that are ignorant (e.g., Little Tokyo for best pizza).  We will reject votes if the voter does not press the keys firmly, with conviction.  Then, after we've rejected most of the votes, once we've got enough (a totally arbitrary number) votes, we'll post new rankings.


Can I review restaurants?

Absolutely.  Go right ahead.  Knock yourself out.  Enjoy yourself.


Will you post my review?

Maybe.  If the review is thoughtful, well-written and interesting, we'll certainly consider it.


Will you pay for my dinner or pay for my review?

We will give you 174% of all profits generated from the site for the entire month that the review is first posted.


Why don't you have a message board?

Because people can be mean.  Because people sometimes take things too seriously.  Because we are running this site for fun, not to be arbiters of what posts are and are not appropriate.


Without a message board, how do I tell everyone about __________?

You have a couple of choices:

1.  Tell everyone you know about _________.  Face-to-face.  In person.  If you are trustworthy, people will believe you and you will have an impact.

2.  Send us an e-mail.  Our e-mail address is listed on every page.  Most people (excluding our children) believe that we are reasonable people.  If it is something we agree should be disseminated, we will.


I don't like your review of ___________ restaurant.  I'd like to punch you in the nose.  What do you look like?

I am a bronze skinned albino, 6'11" tall, of austro-mayan decent, with one azure eye and one puce eye.  I have a celtic accent, one shaved eyebrow and a limp that varies between my left and right legs.  Heather looks the same, but her eyes are reversed.


How much is __________ paying you for your review?

Nothing.  Like it says at the bottom of the page.  We're not getting cash, drinks, appetizers, napkin rings, ketchup packets, or anything else out of this.  It is just a hobby that we are having fun with.


These FAQs have gone on forever.

 yes they have.


Are you going to end them soon?



* Or, they might be frequently asked, if we didn't have the answers already posted.


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